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Dreamer 9ft - YELLOW/BLUE LINE

Dreamer 9ft - YELLOW/BLUE LINE

$399.00 Regular Price
$375.00Sale Price

We are happy to present you our new kayak addition - The Dreamer! This model was built for lakes, ponds, rivers and creeks. It is amazing for either a quiet relaxing paddle or a day of fishing.


Dreamer is very light, about 40 lbs. It can be easily lifted and moved by one person. Being only 9ft long, it is a perfct size to be trasported on a top of your car or in a back of the truck (I personally carry it on a top of Kia sedan without any trouble). Kayak comes with everything you need to go on the water: comfy seat, foot rest, portable paddle, water-resistant hatches for your belongings, flush rod holders, a cup holder, and a great bonus - detached central swivel rod holder.


It's nice and sunny in the lowcountry. Take this beautiful kayak out and enjoy that sunshine and a freshness of a cool breez!

The Dreamer makes your dreams come true.


Happy paddling!

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  • Specifications

    Type: Sit on top kayak

    Length: 8.8’

    Width: 2.8’

    Depth: 1’

    Weight: 44 lb

    Capacity: 330 lb

    Material: LLDPE

    UV resistant: Anti-UV 8

  • Features

    1 pc deluxe seat

    1 pc 7.2’ portable paddle

    1 pc swivel fishing rod holder

    1 pc black bangie

    6 pcs waterproof plugs

    2 pcs round hatches

    4 pcs flush rod holders

    2 pcs rubber handles for easy carrying

    11 colors available

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